About Able Body Moving Pros

We have over 16 years experience in moving. Our founder began residential moving while helping out at a local ministry ; While learning the moving profession, we have also learned the importance of good character and a good name and that’s what we have here at Able Body Moving Pros. This company is founded on Integrity, Honor and Truthfulness, what this industry has been missing for a long time you will find here with us at Able Body Moving Pros ,we promise you that. We have learned that there is nothing greater than serving those around us, and giving our customers our all EVERY SINGLE TIME.

We are committed to caring for people and their possessions as we help them with their move to their new home. We want to help make your whole moving experience as great as possible, by serving our customers with nothing less than our very best.

Our Business:
We are committed to customer satisfaction. It is our goal to please every customer. That is the most important thing to us here at Able Body Moving Pros. And to always take care of our customers possessions and property. Our customers have raved about our service. We have never had an unsatisfied customer and I am sure that this is what has and will continue to help this company to be successful. We are excited about serving you today.

Who We Are:
We have a great team here at Able Body Moving Pros. We have men and women who have committed themselves to serving our customers well. Who have committed themselves to serving with excellence. Our customers deserve nothing less.

About Our Team

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