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You deserve a Dallas moving company that gets the job done right. Our excellent service, and friendly approach make your move easy. You work with one manager from start to finish to verify your information, book your move, and answer any questions.
Our goal is to serve you. “Able Body Moving Pros” ensures you have the best moving experience possible. In fact, we guarantee it. Our 10% Price Lock Guarantee makes sure you never pay more than you have to. What other Dallas moving company can say that?

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Packing & Unpacking In-House Movers

Included in your move:
* FULLY LICENSED AND INSURED – We carry the required licensing and insurance.
* NO ROUNDING UP – Some companies will work for 3 hours and 10 min then round up and charge for 3 hours and 30 min. We don’t do this, we prorate and only charge for the time we work.
* PRICE LOCK GUARANTEE – We guarantee our estimates within 10% of the quoted price.
* PROPERTY PROTECTION – We use door jam protectors and floor runners to protect your property.

* WRAPPING – Other companies move your items into the truck naked, and only put blankets on your items once they are in the truck. We wrap your items in the house before they are moved and secure the blankets from top to bottom with a second layer of shrink wrap for maximum protection.
* REFERENCES – We’ll send you our 3 most recent moves as references, we don’t cherry pick our references.
* ASSEMBLE / DISASSEMBLE – We have all the knowledge and tools to assemble and disassemble all your items so they get to their destination safely.
* PROPER UNLOADING – We place your items where you want them at your new address so you don’t have to move them again later.
* MOVING TRUCK INCLUDED – We provide the moving vehicle for all of our moves.
* HOISTING – We can hoist your items up over a balcony or through a window to get it where it needs to go.
* PROPER MOVING EQUIPMENT – We provide straps, dollies, hand trucks, moving blankets, shrink wrap, tools, etc.

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